• Autumn Equinox – Video Edition

    Autumn Equinox – Video Edition
    I hope you enjoy watching the Autumn Equinox presentation I shared with a wonderful group of people in Gananoque, Ontario (where I live) on Autumn Equinox evening (the first time in ? years I have done a public event). This fall might be intense but it certainly holds the promise of strengthening your original, creative self so you can participate in life all around you.
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  • 2022 Autumn Equinox Essence

    2022 Autumn Equinox Essence

    Revealing the Seed of Life—You!

    This year's Autumn Equinox Essence is all about revealing the distinct seed you are getting ready to incubate. This fall will provide beautiful and more difficult revelations of your gifts. Still, if you remember that you are being called by life to participate in this grand, creative experiment, you will eventually find deep satisfaction.
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  • Summer Solstice 2022 Video

    Summer Solstice 2022 Video

    This summer will we begin to come together to move life forward, or will we jump from the frying pan into the fire?  The Summer Solstice Essence suggests to me that we are up to the former—if we don't weaken, as my Grandmother used to say.

    The video is mostly about the conversation between Wholeness and Rightness. These twin companions offer us medicine to overcome the fear that can lead us to act without wholeness or the mysterious process that "rightness" offers.

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  • 2022 Summer Solstice Essence

    2022 Summer Solstice Essence
    The message from this essence: Welcome the poles of the sun into your being. Welcome the comforting warmth of the sun after a long winter. Welcome the sun's tougher medicine—the purifying penetrations of its rays that cleanse and cauterize the wounds that keep you from being the gift you are to the world.
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  • The Participatory Tales of Spring

    The Participatory Tales of Spring

    Today I am reprinting a story I wrote last year at this time. The message is as apt this year as it was last. We are all, together, trying to shake off those things we have accumulated but are no longer necessary. This Spring, we are invited to call on the help of nature to assist us. What stories are ready for revisioning with the wiser eyes of love and experience?

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