December 02, 2020

Coronavirus Support Essence interpretation

By Therese Conway
Coronavirus Support Essence interpretation

Here is the interpretation of the Coronavirus Support Essence:


I think most people agree that this virus, and our response to it, has shaken up the order of our inner and outer worlds. If all illness contains the opportunity to return to our original self (and I believe that is true), this collective illness contains the opportunity to return to our original plan for community.

As we come closer for ways to “control” the virus, we have a little more time to shed and reform ourselves before the return to some kind of normal dampens our focus on self-renewal. That is what this essence will help us to do—fine tune our shedding and reforming.

Three things this essence is helping us to remember.

First, to enjoy the benefits of community we have to honour our unique contribution to that community. That contribution is not the role we play, but the presence we bring. Mock Orange says that being in touch with the deep intelligence of your body helps you to bring the goodness of you into any situation. And, usually, that is all that is needed.

Second, we have forgotten that we are designed to be fueled by love. That’s a big thing to forget. Imagine if when confronted with any situation, our first response was to be fueled by love instead of fear. Love brings us together. Fear is bred by and only leads back to separation.

Third, our hearts are meant for contemplation and reasoning. Related to what Red Yarrow brings to this combination, Heart essence helps us to live in the intelligence of our hearts as we deal with the people and the emotions that come into our lives. Entrance to the intellect of the heart can be a messy business at first. We need to do a lot of shedding and reforming before our unique heart rhythm emerges and then strengthens.

The good news is that once this sometimes painful and awkward healing period is through, we have a heart that is able to function as the place of observation and deliberation for which it was designed. What’s more, we find that this heart is built for inter-dependence, not co-dependence, so necessary for a revitalized community.

Take this essence in any way that feels right to you. I would suggest taking it particularly when you are having feelings about how everything is going—fear, anger and weariness are the emotional situations that come to mind. Just remember that there is something useful and beautiful happening to you because of your participation in this event.

May you be well and full of courage.


Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash