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  • Summer Solstice Essence 2021


    These days are calling us to stretch into the nature part of our lineage. When the going gets strange, our nature brothers and sisters know how to follow the trustworthy inner message that says "move" or "stay" or "look over there." They don't need to know how or for what ultimate purpose, but when that message comes, our brothers and sisters in nature listen. They trust.

    Can we do the same? I know we can. And I hope we will. This essence will help.

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  • Bouncing Rhythm of Spring: Maundy Thursday

    Interior of Christ Church, Gananoque Ontario
    This is a wonderful time to do some personal spring cleaning. As we know, shaking is one of the most effective ways we have to deal with stress or a trauma response. It allows us to shake off and reset. Raise your hand if you haven't felt stressed at some point this year! I shake most days in my qigong practice. But today, I want to add more joy to my shake. And I invite you to shake along with me—to shake out those bits that may be hanging on to you only loosely, to loosen up the more stubborn bits, and to clear the lens of perception with which you regard yourself and your world.
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  • Bouncing into Spring, 2021

    Little boy in front of bouncy castle. Deciding whether or not to enter--lots of fun or too scary?
    This spring it would be helpful to rediscover the childhood joy of bouncing. When we played as children, the unknown didn’t bother us. Being up in the air is thrilling. Looking at the pattern of a splash is fascinating. Bouncing is exhilarating and laughter inducing.
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  • 2020 Autumn Equinox

    2020 Autumn Equinox

    Welcome fall! I am so pleased to offer you this year's Autumn Equinox Essence.

    This season, we are encouraged to meet whatever comes our way with fierceness, creativity, and above all, Love. We all may feel challenged by what's in front of us, but if we pay attention we will see the path of beauty inviting us in.

    I've included the interpretation here. It includes the definitions of the essences in the combination.

    The essence is available here.

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