Warrior for the Human Spirit Subscription - A Monthly Essence

$55.00 per month
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Looking for a way to be a force for human good during these challenging times? Or do you simply need help keeping your head above water? The world needs us to keep our wits about us so we can respond generously to the needs of the world around us. Whether you are area is education, business, parenthood, community organizing, or retirement, your monthly "Warrior" essences can help you clear away reactive urges to act and focus on what is yours to do.

This is the most affordable essence package I have ever offered. Choose from three options — I don't want anyone left out because of financial concerns. And I want to live in a community where the organizing question is, "What does Life want from me right now?"

Included with your monthly essence is a 30-minute call with to discuss and make your essence, a printout of your essence combination, and a transcript/recording of your session immediately following your call. If you don't have the complete set of Canyon Sound Essences, your essence will be shipped out the same day. All shipping is $10Can.