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Welcome to Canyon Sound

... a place full of tools to re-discover the language of your natural intelligence.

Tune up your nature brain
Tone down your conditioned mind

Re-learn the innate and powerful way 
you were born to communicate with your world.

Our Two Brains

We have two "minds." One is the mind of our brains that sorts, analyzes, and tries to decode messages. That brain is ours alone, and 99% of its rules come from conditioned sources.

The other is the mind of our body and soul. Our nature brain belongs to and operates under the same principles of the intelligent, living world inside and around us.

In operation, this mind looks like a series of conversations,
many of them frustratingly vague and incomplete.
This mind has the wisdom and confidence to thrive in times of transformation.

Our nature minds have been largely silenced by our analytical minds, and we're missing out on the gift and responsibility of being human: collaborative, creative power in service to the whole.

Canyon Sound Essences help to reconcile this partnership. Click here to learn more.

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  • Autumn Equinox Essence: Seed Savers

    Seeds and acorns wrapped around napkin with the word thank you.
    A small well-defined seed withstands turbulence better than weathered leaves. This autumn, focus on refining and sheltering the essential you. Not so much for protection, although that is important. But to preserve this seed for future growth. That’s important to all of us.
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  • Friday Thoughts: The Golden Thread

    Friday Thoughts: The Golden Thread

    This week I’ve been struck by the number of conversations I’ve had with people about a pivotal experience that happened to them when they were thirtyish. The questions I asked each of them were the same: After the experience, what did you learn? What questions were you left with? How is it playing out in your life now?

    Read how reconnecting with this thread is a good idea now.

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  • Friday Thoughts: What do you do?

    Therese's desk

    Fuzziness is my business—fuzzy feelings, fuzzy ideas. They take us right to the edge of our knowing and keep us curious about what might be beyond our ability to see. We can never play with fuzziness with our analytical brains. That brain wants answers. Our creative nature brain is built for fuzziness. It operates under the rules of growth and unfolding. It never demands to know how it's going to end.

    Learn more about how fuzziness is your friend.

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