2021 Winter Solstice Essence

joy. Joy. JOY!

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Welcome to Canyon Sound

... a place full of tools to re-discover the language of your natural intelligence.

Tune up your nature brain
Tone down your conditioned mind

Re-learn the innate and powerful way 
you were born to communicate with your world.

Our Two Brains

We have two "minds." One is the mind of our brains that sorts, analyzes, and tries to decode messages. That brain is ours alone, and 99% of its rules come from conditioned sources.

The other is the mind of our body and soul. Our nature brain belongs to and operates under the same principles of the intelligent, living world inside and around us.

In operation, this mind looks like a series of conversations,
many of them frustratingly vague and incomplete.
This mind has the wisdom and confidence to thrive in times of transformation.

Our nature minds have been largely silenced by our analytical minds, and we're missing out on the gift and responsibility of being human: collaborative, creative power in service to the whole.

Canyon Sound Essences help to reconcile this partnership. Click here to learn more.

Click below to play with your natural intelligence:


A: Flower essences are infusions of flower petals and buds, preserved in either brandy or vinegar. The energy of the flower is released as it sits in a bowl of water under the sun. This infusion is then strained and preserved in brandy or water.

A: Good question! Flower essence practitioners have lots of different answers to this question. The common feature of various explanation is that flower essences help to settle our emotions so they don't cloud our intentions. The "grandfather" of flower essences is Edward Bach. He's an interesting character to read about. Canyon Sound Essences were made specifically to address our unfolding as human beings. Most of us have been encouraged to fit in to our culture's expectations of what it means to be a human (mostly how to be good consumers these days). Canyon Sound Essences help you to recover what really makes you tick. Self-satisfaction is a result of using the essences, but more important, the essences help you to be a powerful participant in the game of life.

A: Flower essences are not essential oils! That's a common misconception. They are more like homeopathics in that they are more energy than substance. You take a flower essence by placing a few drops in your mouth, focusing on the issue at hand while you do that. So, for instance, if you are taking a seasonal essence, the simplest way of taking the essence is to welcome in the pattern of the new season into your system. The combination of your focus and the drops will help your body and mind to align with the healthiest patterns available to us in nature. Similarly, if you are taking an essence I made specifically for you, focusing on the issue (which is usually some small or big "lie" you have been believing about yourself) while you take the essence, will help your body to recognize the truth and, so countermand the old belief. It's all about paying attention as you put the drops in your mouth.

A: Essences are hardy, yet subtle. No need to take them away from any other substance you are taking. If you happen to touch your mouth or hands with the dropper as you are taking the essence, simply place the dropper under running water before putting it back in its bottle – this keeps things from growing in it. Also, it's a good idea to stand the bottles upright. This prevents development of a rubber dropper taste, although that won't affect the effectiveness of the essence.

A: A personal essence is made just for you to address a communication glitch that happens when you react to an experience rather than learn from it. An essence will countermand the outdated message in your body and replace it with what your system is really trying to do – to learn, change, and grow. Typically, an emotional reaction will keep us stuck in the problem, while what we really need is help to break the loop and right the lie. That's what the essence does – it helps. The essence strengthens your nature brain, and the words that accompany the essence help you to engage your intellect as a partner rather than a foe.

A: Pattern essences, such as the seasonal essences, the Pause Set, and the Ecologic Essence Kit, contain patterns that help us to align with processes driven by natural intelligence. Seasonal essences contain the pattern of movement at the change of seasons. The Pause Set contains patterns that allow us to connect with the collaborative processes found nature (in our bodies, and the seen and unseen environment in and around us). The Ecologic Essences contain patterns for the proper use of our intellects in service to our nature brains. These are patterns that we can all take advantage of so our nature brains (or body brain) and our intellects work as intended. Body brain in the lead!

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