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Welcome to Canyon Sound

... a place to re-discover the power of your natural intelligence.

Canyon Sound Essences have two purposes.
First, to help you remember the wonderful truth of who you are and how connected you are to the family of Life.
Second, to build from there your ability to communicate more accurately and powerfully with yourself and the whole of Life.

Through the wisdom of your body's natural intelligence, Canyon Sound Flower Essences act as mediators between your innately wise self, your analytical mind, and Life all around you. They remind you who you are, why you are here, and that the world is eager to partner with you.

Canyon Sound Essences live to liberate and empower you to participate. The world needs you. Where do you fit in? Let’s find out together.

Click "Ask the Cards" to start playing with your natural intellligence:


My complete set of Canyon Sound Essences and the ability to talk with Therese whenever I need to have been game changers for me. I wish everyone could have a set of Canyon Sound essences and speak with Therese weekly... or more!

It’s almost like a quick therapy session, but what’s cool about it is that there is this outside, detached voice, which is the flower essences. And then there is this beautiful interpretation that Therese gives that fills it out even more. It is this really rich experience that doesn’t take very long and then there is a physical thing—the essences in a bottle—to anchor it in over time.

CR, Ithaca, NY

My monthly subscription with Therese and her essences keeps me aligned with the part of me Therese always talks about —  “the part of you that's never been damaged.” She breathes life into that part of me, helps me to feel that come alive in me, and helps me to move forward in my life from there. The wonderful thing about Therese is not only does she believe in me, but she helps me to believe in me. She helps me to hear the truth of me and what I am dealing with, which is always so much better than I’ve assumed!

When I’m going through something, I will talk to Therese once a week...or more. Therese and the essences help me to keep moving forward instead of falling into familiar ruts. I cannot recommend the monthly subscription highly enough. The way life moves so quickly now, I wouldn’t be without it!

DC, Kingston, Ontario

I’ve been a client of Therese in her capacity as a flower essence practitioner for over 20 years, so I know the effectiveness her flower
essence combinations and consultations.

A few years ago I had the
opportunity to start to work with Therese more often after a series of brain injuries. The essences, as well as Therese’s insights, helped me keep on track during my healing process. In addition, I have learned to trust and use my whole brain—my nature brain—to retrain my brain to support my wiser self!

Therese has an inimitable gift for reading the story the essences tell of my unique situation. I am so grateful to have Therese and the essences in my life.

AS, Chaumont, NY

I am a seeker of experience, wisdom, opportunity, and challenge. In my work in three successful careers over six decades, and in my inner life and outward relationships, Canyon Sound Essences, and Therese's insight and wisdom, have provided me with a simple but powerful and healing way (and with startling ease) to make good decisions, to take deliberate, compassionate, strong but tender action, and to do both with an understanding that enhances everything about my life. Canyon Sound Essences are powerful medicine.

AF, Los Angeles, CA


A: Flower essences are infusions of flower petals and buds, preserved in either brandy or vinegar. The energy of the flower is released as it sits in a bowl of water under the sun. This infusion is then strained and preserved in brandy or water.

A: You know how everything in nature seems to communicate and coordinate and move in harmonious ways? That is due to natural intelligence, the natural world's "cognitive" engine. I want to say nature "knows" that, but it's not a conscious knowing, it is nature's innate, instinctive operating system. We are also made up of this operating system. Our livers and hearts and brains function collaboratively and instinctively as they keep our bodies healthy and moving. No different than the natural world we perceive as outside of ourselves.

A: Good question! Flower essence practitioners have lots of different answers to this question. The common feature of various explanation is that flower essences help to settle our emotions so they don't cloud our intentions. The "grandfather" of flower essences is Edward Bach. He's an interesting character to read about. Canyon Sound Essences were made specifically to address our unfolding as human beings. Most of us have been encouraged to fit in to our culture's expectations of what it means to be a human (mostly how to be good consumers these days). Canyon Sound Essences help you to recover what really makes you tick. Self-satisfaction is a result of using the essences, but more important, the essences help you to be a powerful participant in the game of life.

A: Flower essences are not essential oils! That's a common misconception. They are more like homeopathics in that they are more energy than substance. You take a flower essence by placing a few drops in your mouth, focusing on the issue at hand while you do that. So, for instance, if you are taking a seasonal essence, the simplest way of taking the essence is to welcome in the pattern of the new season into your system. The combination of your focus and the drops will help your body and mind to align with the healthiest patterns available to us in nature. Similarly, if you are taking an essence I made specifically for you, focusing on the issue (which is usually some small or big "lie" you have been believing about yourself) while you take the essence, will help your body to recognize the truth and, so countermand the old belief. It's all about paying attention as you put the drops in your mouth.

A: Essences are hardy, yet subtle. No need to take them away from any other substance you are taking. If you happen to touch your mouth or hands with the dropper as you are taking the essence, simply place the dropper under running water before putting it back in its bottle – this keeps things from growing in it. Also, it's a good idea to stand the bottles upright. This prevents development of a rubber dropper taste, although that won't affect the effectiveness of the essence.

A: A personal essence is made just for you to address a communication glitch that happens when you react to an experience rather than learn from it. An essence will countermand the outdated message in your body and replace it with what your system is really trying to do – to learn, change, and grow. Typically, an emotional reaction will keep us stuck in the problem, while what we really need is help to break the loop and right the lie. That's what the essence does – it helps. The essence strengthens your nature brain, and the words that accompany the essence help you to engage your intellect as a partner rather than a foe.

A: Pattern essences, such as the seasonal essences, the Pause Set, and the Ecologic Essence Kit, contain patterns that help us to align with processes driven by natural intelligence. Seasonal essences contain the pattern of movement at the change of seasons. The Pause Set contains patterns that allow us to connect with the collaborative processes found nature (in our bodies, and the seen and unseen environment in and around us). The Ecologic Essences contain patterns for the proper use of our intellects in service to our nature brains. These are patterns that we can all take advantage of so our nature brains (or body brain) and our intellects work as intended. Body brain in the lead!

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