May 28, 2022

A little story from my imagination

By Therese Conway
Fairy talking to little girl. Canyon Sound

In a world...

where humans look to nature for guidance about how to live and thrive on this beautiful earth, the flower guardians play a special role.

Remember the fairy godmothers that populate our fairy tales? Well, many of them are flower guardians. Their job: to bless you when you come here, to remind you and all those around you who you are and that you bring gifts. And when you forget, as you inevitably will, they nudge you and nag you to remember who you are.

They teach you the ins and outs of desire (who knows desire better than the flowers?) They help you to live in a world where desire is not understood as creation's mover and connector.

The flower guardians know the only subject in school is desire—how to recognize it, how to follow it, how to translate it into different languages, how to make things from it, how to bend time with it, and how to play with it in the game of Life.

What's more, the flower guardians know an ignorant “school board” will pitch handfuls of sand into all this learning about desire. The members of the school board know desire is one of humanity’s most valuable fuels. They have no idea what it is, but they know it feels good, it makes them feel powerful, they want more, they want to possess it all—and they need yours, They construct elaborate sucking machines to extract desire wherever it is found or manufactured. They build weapons of desire-gone-amok to keep us apart.

When the stream of desire is hyped up and then narrowed for siphoning, the world is left starving for a creative vitality that is unique to desire. That is when the flower guardians step up their efforts and show us the way..

How do you do battle with the great sucking machine or with the great weapons of separation? The flower guardians get small and insignificant. They pour themselves into little glass bottles. They distribute themselves through networks of ditzy old ladies. They get into peoples’ systems—and those people start remembering who they are.

Once inside, the flower guardians ignite our desire to play together, to make things together, to bend time together. Cake sales, neighbourhood picnics, art fairs, mothers' marches, knitting circles, birthday cards, square dances... these are the frontlines of a revolution. Once we remember who we are and how to play together, we will reclaim the desire stolen from us and used to turn us against one another.

This is the job of Canyon Sound Flower Essences, flower guardians in bottles. Remember who you are. Reclaim your desire. Join your desires with your sisters and brothers to create a better world. Be present, boldly.

A question to pose to the cards:

What do my guardians want me to know about embracing my desire?



(image: There Was a Lovely Fairy, 1913, Charles Robinson)

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