A Deep Dive: How Canyon Sound Essences Work


Before you begin to shop, I thought you might like to know some general information about Canyon Sound products and how they work.

Essences come in two categories: Personal and Ecosystem. Both access natural intelligence to read patterns in a system.


Personal Essences

When I make a personal essence for you, I talk to your body’s natural intelligence. I am asking to see the pattern of the glitch you are experiencing through the medium of the Canyon Sound flower essences.

So, if you are grieving, the essence combination holds your grieving pattern for this particular situation. The essence helps your body to remember the best way for you to grieve. Most importantly, my written interpretation of the essences in your combination further bolsters your intention to heal and grow from your grief.

If you have assumed someone else's agenda into your system (and we all have), the essence helps your body to countermand that unhelpful message and to remember the message that is yours. The essences help to replace a lie with the truth.

If you are going through a tricky situation, or if you are a frugal purchaser, consider a Personal Essence Bundle. Receive 3 essences for the price of 2, to be used at your convenience.

Other essences—the EcoLogic Kit, the quarterly seasonal essences, and even Birthday essences—also read patterns. Those are the larger patterns that we are a part of as members of wider ecosystems.


EcoLogic Essence Kit

Ecologic Essence Main ProductsThe three EcoLogic essences hold the patterns of the three chakra sets contained within the larger suite of Canyon Sound essences. I will talk more about these essences later, but basically, the Chakra essences help us to manage and explore our personal power while we are living in a world with others. The EcoLogic Kit represents the building blocks for mastering the art and power of natural intelligence.

The essences in the EcoLogic kit help us to tune our thinking patterns so that our intellect and our intuition work together like two horses pulling a buggy. The essences contain the pattern of the natural intelligence “thinking” process. Importantly, that is how we make decisions with our whole brain, rather than reactionary emotional or culturally adopted rationale.


Special Essences

Seasonal and Birthday essences also hold patterns of the natural intelligence operating beyond our immediate bodies. We have long thought of Solstices and Equinoxes as pivot points that affect change in all of earth’s inhabitants. Many people try to sync themselves to nature’s rhythm during these times. I offer my seasonal essences as a way to do that. They give a snapshot of what is happening and how to make the best of it for your plans.

On a more personal scale, birthday essences do the same thing. Most of all, they show you the pattern of your new year, as they help your body to tune to your future.


EcoLogic Flower Essence Cards

Products Spiderwort card boxThe EcoLogic Flower Essence Cards are different. I made these cards in 2008, 10 years after I made the group of 36 essences that form the entire Canyon Sound essence set.

I primarily use the essences to help people with stress—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. They set the stage for calm, deliberate, and organized action in every area of your life. As a result, you are able to create based on your gifts and terms.

When I was developing the cards, I was initially surprised to see that they were all about creativity. To me, they represent a step beyond the essences. They are more conversational, and thus, they assume we possess a certain amount of power as we interact with our world.

I see these cards as my colleagues in nature who help me to turn any activity into a creative venture. Actually, I should rephrase that—everything we do is a creative venture. We just want to pay attention to where our creations come from!

Use the cards to clear your emotional swirl, so your natural intelligence can lead you in balanced, collaborative creativity. Notice how what you create in your everyday life becomes more stable, more robust, and more sustainable.

The more I work with these cards, the more I love them. They are like little helper friends that encourage me to bring out my best every day.

Illustrated and designed by Annie Palone, the cards bring beauty and clarity to your natural intelligence.


Let’s Start!

There is no “right” starting point with Canyon Sound Essences.  If you are new to essences, I suggest starting with whatever peaks your interest now. And, guess what? By doing that, you are already giving some proper respect to your natural intelligence!

Welcome to Canyon Sound. I hope you have fun exploring!