Getting to know your cards

Do you want to enhance your ability to listen to what you really want or to the true state of your internal affairs? You have always had the ability to have those kinds of conversations, but most of us have forgotten that. 

 Canyon Sound Flower Essence Cards help you to remember and regain this skill. Think of them as tutors and cheerleaders as you regain your ability to have better, deeper, and more generative conversations with yourself and your world.

You can always access them for free here.

This “playsheet” invites a closer working relationship between you are the cards. See this as a starting place. This is a chance for you to ask the cards questions about how they are going to help you become fluent, and even poetic, with your natural intelligence.

The playsheet contains 6 questions to ask the cards to establish and clarify your relation with them. As your natural intelligence grows, you can download another sheet again and ask the questions again.

Download the Getting to Know Your Cards playsheet here.