About Canyon Sound Flower Essences

For centuries, people have used flower essences to balance emotions during times of stress and illness. Most important, at least for the Canyon Sound Essences, they reacquaint us with our natural intelligence, the wise part of us that knows why we are here and what we are meant to do.

Natural intelligence is the bridge between our bodies, the wisdom of our spiritual family, the wisdom of our earth family, and our intellect.

Without it, we rely on the best guesses of our intellects and the impulses of our emotions to choose how we move through life. Without a functioning natural intelligence, we miss out on a lot. And sometimes we create big messes.

Fortunately, this is where Canyon Sound Flower Essences come into the picture. They help us to calm our overheated thoughts and emotions, so we can hear and follow the wise voice of our natural intelligence.

The result? We stop reacting like puppets to agendas that are not our own, and we start contributing to the world our innate gifts and talents. Then, we can truly participate in the abundance of life, and in its healing and growth.

Canyon Sound Flower Essences are made from plants in the Thousand Islands region of Canada and New York State.


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