August 20, 2021

Friday Thoughts: Men

By Therese Conway
Friday Thoughts: Men

Friday mornings I usually spend time in the chair in my dining room. This morning it dawned on me that sitting in that chair on a Fridays has become an invitation to a weekly wrap-up and a theme. This week's theme was all about men and the masculine in all of us. In particular, I noticed messages about the voice of the sacred masculine in my life and in the lives of people I know. Here is what came to me:

Prayer of Thanksgiving for our Men

Young or old, ancestor or descendant, our men (and our own inner masculine) are feeling the push to shift perspectives.

What’s the movement? I think it is a shift from ego-centered reasoning to love-centered reasoning. And it's no small move. To embrace love as the reason to act is to embrace the deeper reality of love—that it actually runs the world.

It shows itself through the magnificent gesture, yes. But more than that, it shows its exquisiteness through the small...

The decision to act for your family out of love, not from “ought to” or might. To build something for your family or yourself out of love, not self-importance. To accompany your spouse on a trip to express support and care, even though you'd rather stay home. To speak of past hurts and failures as gateways to better things and better selves, instead of warnings and complaints.

These things may seem trivial. But in the context of the times we are in, they are huge. Why? Because at their inception—at the decision point of action—the reason is love. The reasoning mind is running on the wisdom of love. Not an ego-controlled intellect, but love. Each action, taken this way, is an act of revolution. And these acts are fragile, warranting attention and appreciation.

Many men are not aware of these small, heroic acts, especially when conditioning has wormed its way deep into our being. But the feminine in us is aware. She knows how to listen beneath the hurly-burly of a day, below the grumbles and intellectual justifications that often accompany those little revolutionary acts.

So, listen. And when you hear the sounds of revolution coming from your men (and from your inner masculine), rejoice! Give up a prayer of thanks for them... and say thank you to them, in your way.

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