December 01, 2021

Friday Thoughts: Mothers & Prayers

By Therese Conway
Breton Women in Sacred Grove

Even though I am aware today is Wednesday, not Friday, I am sharing with you something that came to me last night and has been with me all day. As I was going to sleep last night I was thinking about prayer after hearing a woman say, with a powerful innocence, how formidable and effective prayers are and we should pray as much as we can, each in our own way. Praying has been on my mind lately for a number of reasons, partly because I see the new Pause Set as a beautiful form of prayer.

One of the essences in the set, Daylily, speaks of gathering together in simple solidarity before taking action. This is what women do. How many of our get togethers are really prayers, born of solidarity and offered with everyday love for one another? The prayers we do together, in whatever form they take, move things.

And then I recalled a time 20 years ago when my 11-year old son sustained severe injuries to his body and brain. As I drove to the hospital that afternoon, I knew my primary job was to remember Ben, his real self, his whole self, the Ben who had never been damaged by life in any way. I knew he could resonate with my best memory of him, and that he could use that as a lifeline as his body and spirit were doing the hard work of healing.

Throughout his recovery, my primary responsibility to remember Ben was never far from my consciousness. Ben is great today. How much of his good recovery was due to my focus? Who knows. But it was not an insignificant piece. It was my best prayer.

Mothers know their children better than anyone... most of the time. We see their goodness, their purity, and the way we watch them so closely during their early years enriches both of our lives. Attention is prayer. The blessings of this attentiveness comes in handy in later years when our children flounder and we must find hands-off ways of offering help (read the Fierce Mother Essence interpretation if you are in that place now). Any of us who has ever mothered anything knows about this kind of loving attention.

Last night I was thinking of all the mothers who are in the spirit world now. Our own mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and The Great Mother herself. How powerful would it be if we were to pray to those mothers and ask them to remember us—all of humanity—as the good, pure, and whole souls we are. I think this might change the world. I really do.

So, give it a try. Imagine the mothers who live beyond—the mothers who see us with clear eyes—imagine them seeing us for who we truly are. Imagine how that might change us.

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 Painting: Breton Women, the Meeting in the Sacred Grove (1892), Paul Serusier

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