October 29, 2021

Friday Thoughts: Rendering

By Therese Conway
Still life with cauldron and eggs

This morning I woke with the word, "Rendering" scrolling across my inner vision. I saw myself rendering bacon in a pan, and I immersed myself in the activity and the purpose of it. Rendering is a relationship, something done for a greater purpose — like bringing flavour to a stew.

In the darkness, I jotted down my thoughts. No matter how silly it seems, whenever I am woken up at four in the morning with a thought, I take notes. Early morning messages are one of the best ways my natural intelligence, my larger brain, talks to me.

I ended my sleepy note with, "I know there are more meanings to this word, rendering. I just can't think of them now." My plan to return to sleep was overtaken by my curiosity about "render," so I looked up the definition. What a word!

Definition of Render

How many of us are in a rendering process right now? Are you?

The notion of giving something of ourselves to something else — often in a process of reduction, or refinement, or years of practice, or playing with an idea that won't let you go — seems to be a current theme. Re-read the Autumn Equinox Essence to remind yourself of the opportunity of this fall. It's all about rendering.

Rendering is an intense process, unless, of course, you decide to apply a coat of plaster or cement directly to whatever is going on in your life! It's an intense process that promises some kind of transformation.

Whatever is challenging you now will give up something more essential for your use as you move through this to that... as long as you keep an eye on what is essential to you!

So, take heart! And click below to pick a card:

 What do I need to know about rendering today?




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