February 25, 2022

Friday Thoughts: Ukraine and the Fierce Mother

By Therese Conway
Friday Thoughts: Ukraine and the Fierce Mother

The question I have been asking myself today is "What can my limited, weary, and solitary self do to change the destructive insanity that seems to be gripping the world?"

The response I heard, "Be the fierce mother."

Recently, a wise person I know wrote to me about the wound and the gift.

They have never ever been separate. To be drawn by just one—wound - is to fall into endless cycles of despair. To be drawn by just the other—gift—is to pretend everything's fine, and of course to crash. Leaping into the mind which is what we are so trained to do at this juncture of human development, or worse, toward the belief that someone else knows better than our hearts do - that we will find our "fix" out there in the world - but there is no fix for what is.

I would add one thing to these wise words: The Fierce Mother holds the key to bridging and connecting the wound and the gift, to bringing out the healing and transformative powers of their partnership.

She offers a space. It is the space of "You are whole and capable." It is a powerful and necessary space to inhabit. I don't think we can accurately listen to, much less follow, the guidance of our hearts if we are not on this bridge, in this space.

Throughout our life, the Fierce Mother rings a persistent tone, reminding us of our capacity for wholeness the modern world does not want us to see. To some, keeping us needy and separate is the winning move. They don't know the fierceness of the Fierce Mother.

In times of crisis or great wounding, we must find our way to the space on this bridge. (Read this preface to the 2018 Fierce Mother Essence for a closer look at her.)

One more thing about the Fierce Mother and the bridge she stands on... it gets stronger and more useful as people gather on it. There is tremendous power when many reject the notion that they are alone and powerless. Standing on this bridge together, praying to feel our capacity for wholeness, to live from there... who knows what change might come about? Who knows what you may hear yourself calling you to do.

Question for the day:

And then think of how you might call in the Fierce Mother's intervention in our affairs. A friend sent me this picture this afternoon.

Yours in fierce motherhood,


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