November 23, 2021

Introducing The Pause Set

By Therese Conway
Introducing The Pause Set

I am so excited to offer my new set of essences: Canyon Sound Pause Essence Set.

This limited edition 3-essence set came about "by mistake" — which means somewhere in the depth of me I had a plan, but I was not aware of it until late in the game. I'm sure you've had experiences like this. That's the delight of our nature brains!

What will the Pause essences do for you? They will help you to live more "by mistake!" And that means they will help you hitch yourself to the star that lives in your underground world, what names, "the dark that nourishes, where human beings grow human souls."

Pausing is a power move. Why? Because instead of rummaging through your mind, the home of everything you know and have learned, you give the supportive world around you an opportunity to help. Rush right into a situation and you are largely on your own. Pause first, and you allow the world to rush in with help. Pausing is a power move.

Here is what we are saying when we take the Pause Essences:

Fir: Here I am

Daylily: Here we are together

Sentinel: Inspire me

Simple as that. But the doors these three little acts open to us reveal a lovely power that has, at its core, care and support for you, the unique soul of you who is born in that nourishing darkness. You are not alone!

These essences are a limited edition because I didn't make a vat of them. When they are gone, they are gone! The special artwork on the printed material is courtesy . And, as always, , created the cards. I am not alone!

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