July 18, 2019

Natural Intelligence Says MOVE!!

By Therese Conway
Natural Intelligence Says MOVE!!


One day a good friend told me the story of her "serendipitous" rescue of her elderly next store neighbour, Mrs. J.

As my friend spoke, I heard a perfect description of someone's natural intelligence speaking to her through her intuitive sense to go somewhere.

She told me how she felt compelled to drop in on her daughter — a completely unplanned visit. She hurried to get ready and corralled her significant other to drive her. A block up the road, they came across Mrs. J, face down on the sidewalk, too injured to get up.

They put blankets on her, called the ambulance, went to the emergency room with her, and then brought her home and helped her get settled again. Mrs. J couldn't have asked for better good samaritans. She is a spry 95 years old, but she needed the familiar, loving, and knowledgeable care my friends could give her.

This is an example of natural intelligence at work. You've felt compelled to do something, and it turns out the mission you thought you were supposed to attend to was not a mission, but a ruse. Your natural intelligence is more sensitive to subtle messages. Moreover, it has a wide range and communicates much like the members of an ecosystem communicate with each other. Your body (which runs on natural intelligence) tries to move you to a particular location in the most efficient way. We've all experienced this, right?

The analytical mind wants us to think. The body's intelligence wants. us to move.


Natural Intelligence – our friend in the crazy times

Well, developing your ability to listen and act on these prompts is much more helpful to you than simply getting you to the right place at the right time. Doing a deeper dig into hearing cues to move can help you to strengthen your natural intelligence – to feel more connected and supported by the healthy, natural world around you. And that can help you to feel more powerful, more creative, and less at the mercy of the crazy world around you.


How do I develop my natural intelligence?

As I see it, we need to develop three skills to become masters at using our natural intelligence well.

  1. We have to know and express ourselves truthfully to the world (harder than it seems).
  2. We need to hear the cues that tell us to move – sometimes they are subtle. Sometimes they are emotional or mental sledgehammers that, on the face of it, don't look anything like an exhortation to move. These cues are always about movement –  where and how – rather than why.
  3. We need to be able to reach out to other people and situations. Sometimes we reach out to give, sometimes to receive.


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