July 18, 2019

Natural Intelligence Says MOVE!!

By Therese Conway
Natural Intelligence Says MOVE!!


This morning I was talking to a good friend of mine. She told me of her "serendipitous" rescue of her elderly next store neighbour, Mrs. J.

As my friend spoke, I heard a perfect description of someone's natural intelligence speaking to her through her intuitive sense to go somewhere.

Yesterday afternoon my friend felt compelled to drop in on her daughter, a completely unplanned visit. She hurried to get ready and corralled her significant other to drive her. A block up the road, they came across Mrs. J, face down on the sidewalk, too injured to get up.

They put blankets on her, called the ambulance, went to the emergency room with her, and then brought her home and helped her get settled again. Mrs. J couldn't have asked for better good samaritans. She is a spry 95 years old, but she needed the familiar, loving, and knowledgeable care my friends could give her.

This is an example of natural intelligence at work. You've felt compelled to do something, and it turns out the mission you thought you were supposed not a mission, but a ruse. In fact, your wise self (the part of you that always hears your natural intelligence) was trying to move you to a particular location in the most efficient way. We've all experienced this, right?


Natural Intelligence – our friend in the crazy times

Well, developing your ability to listen and act on these prompts is much more helpful to you than simply getting you to the right place at the right time. Doing a deeper dig into hearing cues to move can help you to strengthen your natural intelligence – to feel more connected and supported by the healthy, natural world around you. And that can help you to feel more powerful, more creative, and less at the mercy of the crazy world around you.


How do I develop my natural intelligence?

As I see it, we need to develop three skills to become masters at using our natural intelligence well.

  1. We have to know and express ourselves truthfully to the world (harder than it seems).
  2. We need to hear the cues that tell us to move – sometimes they are subtle. Sometimes they are emotional or mental sledgehammers that, on the face of it, don't look anything like an exhortation to move. These cues are always about movement –  where and how – rather than why.
  3. We need to be able to reach out to other people and situations. Sometimes we reach out to give, sometimes to receive.

I will be writing much more about all of these aspects of natural intelligence. But right now, I want to focus on the second point – listening to cues to move. As we develop this ability we get to know ourselves much better and we learn that reaching out can be satisfying in ways we might not have expected. Noticing how you deal with change is really a great entry point for developing your natural intelligence.


Listening to the cues that say, "Move!"

So, here is a little exercise I'd like you to try. Canyon Sound's EcoLogic Flower Cards are designed to help you develop your natural intelligence. On this site, there is a nifty electronic version of the cards. Clicking on the "Ask the Card" button simulates picking a card from your personal deck.

The exercise I am proposing to you is an exercise to help you with some area of change in your life. Are you wanting to tweak some aspect of your career? Are you looking for a different career altogether? Is there a relationship that is changing? What kind of change is staring you in the face right now? It could be a change that you would like to make or one that you feel is being thrust upon you.

Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a specific area in which you are seeking (or dealing with) change or movement. Write this down on a piece of paper.
  2. Go to the "Ask the Card" page on this website.
  3. Focus on your chosen topic and pick a card according to the directions there.
  4. Write the card down as well as any insights may have about it.
  5. Do this for 5 days.
  6. This is important: if you have any questions, or would like some help discerning your answers, contact me. I would love to help you. Also, I would really appreciate knowing how the exercise is working for you.

My hope is that after five days (and probably before that), you will have a new appreciation of this thing that is changing, and you won't be as anxious as you were before you started the exercise.

In developing these cards, I've used them to gain insights into different events in my life and I have found the cards so useful. Sometimes you need a deep dive on an issue that is causing you pain – grieving and old wounds, especially. And for those times, a personal essence is so useful.

But sometimes, our strong thoughts and emotions are the door knockers your natural intelligence uses to get your attention. It is encouraging you to change your perspective, your goals, or your way of moving through life.

I hope the 5-day exercise is enjoyable and useful to you. And, remember, email me if you want some help.