February 25, 2021

Opening to Spring

By Therese Conway
Opening to Spring

No matter what you think you've been doing—or not doing, or not doing enough of, or doing wrong or flawed—I know this winter you have been working hard at reordering your sense of yourself and your place in our world. This Spring you will start to see and feel the fruits of your labour.

To help you put on the best set of glasses with which to see your accomplishments, I have re-purposed the email program many of you participated in before the Winter Solstice.

Here it is again. The questions are pretty much the same as in the winter, but I know you are going to be looking at them with new eyes.

This 22-day Open to Spring program is for you if you want to go into the more active Spring cycle with a lovingly realistic way of looking at yourself and your world. It's short--just a quote, a poem, or a video, and then a card to help you make sense.

It's my Spring gift to you, And keep your eyes out in a week or so for the Spring Equinox Essence.


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