The Complete Essence Consultation Subscription with FREE Set of Essences

$150.00 per month
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Buy an 6-month consultation subscription and receive the complete set of Canyon Sound Essences for FREE

How would you like prompt access to Therese and the essences as you face life's challenges and opportunities? Well, now you can have a personal session with Therese and the essence in your hands immediately... with no wait at all.

A monthly subscription offers an essence consultation when you need it—which is usually "now!" Twenty minutes on the phone with Therese, an essence printout emailed on the spot, a transcript of your conversation, and everything you need to make your special essence is right at your fingertips. 

Life is moving quickly, and when you need clarity or guidance, Canyon Sound  Essences help you to see more clearly what life is asking of you and your best way of responding. Help arrives immediately when you have a set of essences in front of you and Therese at the other end of a phone. You can address your glitches before conditioned responses have a chance to settle in.   

Consultations include:

  • Introductory session with Therese to help you get started
  • Monthly appointments — set up the rhythm that works for you
  • Printout of essences in your combination received during your session
  • Audio and written transcript of our conversation


Your complete set includes:

  • The original set of 36 Canyon Sound Essences (0.5 oz each)
  • Six extra solution bottles (0.5 oz each)
  • Large tincture bottle (16 oz)
  • Label Set (incl. Personal and Seasonal Essence labels, self-stick and digital)
  • Essence Guide (paper and digital)
  • Immediate access to the seasonal essences--no waiting for mail delivery
  • Ability to make essences for friends and family

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