Bob Newhart, Flower Essence?

Well, that's not true, obviously. But when I recently came across this old Bob Newhart sketch from Mad TV, my first thought was – "Flower Essence!"


Take a look...


Essentially, this is what happens when you take flower essences to address an emotional challenge. The flower essence says, "Stop it!" to the unhelpful internal message that is part of your misery. Naturally, the essence does not sound like an internal Bob Newhart, but I personally think in some cases that might be fun and effective!

The big difference is that a flower essence, in addition to stopping that unhelpful message, gives you advice for rejecting that belief.

Left to its own devices, your natural intelligence – the part of you that knows exactly how you are put together to fulfill your goals in life – would probably be able to unwind any wonky idea that has messed up your thinking process.

But, we have these creative minds. Our minds not only come up with great new ideas, but they also interpret life's events in creative, emotional ways. And that is where things can get tricky.

Our psychotherapists and mental health healers are essential for this. They are here to guide us through those difficult times in our lives when emotional events have overwhelmed us. Flower essences do not replace them.

They do help us to break the destructive loop of learned messages that don't come from our natural intelligence. When we can break the hold that these intransigent loops have on our thinking, the therapeutic process can be quicker and deeper.


Flower Essences: "Stop it!" + Some kind follow-up

To me, the "kind follow-up" is the essential ingredient when using a flower essence, even though Bob Newhart's character would disagree. In my experience there are three reasons (I can think of at the moment) a negative message loop persists:

    1. The emotional event is recent, or has affected you deeply, and you need some comfort or help re-ordering yourself.
    2. A cultural message is overriding your natural intelligence.
    3. Habit! This message has been around long enough that it has become a bad habit. Time to go!!

In each of these cases, the flower essence will help you to:

    1. open to receiving help,
    2. disregard the "common" wisdom if it is not helpful to you, or
    3. decide in the moment to think differently. 

Can you give me an example?

Certainly. I make a lot of essences for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I do not have a generic essence for grief. When you ask me for an essence to help you through your grieving process, I listen to your body and I test for the essences that belong in your essence combination. 

No two people grieve in exactly the same way. So, each essence combination for grief is different. Moreover, I am asking your body to show me its grieving pattern through the essences. Because of that, you are more likely to recognize the essences and the messages as true.

And when the words ring true, you are more likely to receive the help that is offered by them, and you are more likely to catch yourself when you get stuck.

The best thing about using flower essences to help you in any situation is that each time you use an essence, you are strengthening your natural intelligence. That means that you are more and more likely to catch yourself before you lay down another groove of suffering for which you will need another essence!

The Upshot

So, even though Bob Newhart's comic psychotherapist wouldn't go beyond, "Stop it!", a Canyon Sound flower essence is pleased to give you some helpful suggestions about moving forward. In my years of practice, I have seen many people move through difficult life situations with the help of flower essences. More than that, most of the time they find a new appreciation of themselves that gives them the strength to live their lives differently, with more confidence and passion.

If you feel a flower essence could help you, click here to email me.