What is Natural Intelligence?

You know how everything in nature seems to communicate and coordinate and move in harmonious ways? That is due to natural intelligence, the natural world's "cognitive" engine. I want to say nature "knows" that, but it's not a conscious knowing, it is nature's innate, instinctive operating system.

We are also made up of this operating system.

Our livers and hearts and brains function collaboratively and instinctively as they keep our bodies healthy and moving. No different than the natural world we perceive as outside of ourselves.

What makes us different is that we have these big, powerful brains that can do amazing things, but they can also override the sensible and seemingly magical powers of our natural intelligence. Our thoughts and emotions can work together to create havoc in our bodies—think stress, and poor nutrition, and emotional wounds.

For the past 30-years or so, I have been exploring the world of natural intelligence and how we can reconnect with ours so our magnificent brains and powerful nature brains can learn to work together in old and new ways.

Flower essences are the tools I have found that are up to that task. Everything you find on this website and in my work will help you to rebalance this vital relationship.

I am happy you are exploring!