NEW!! Affordable monthly essence subscription: $40 - $60/month

$40.00 per month
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Reap the benefits of regular and frequent use of Canyon Sound Essences with an affordable monthly subscription package.  Choose from three different packages to access the power of the essences and Therese's insightful interpretations at a price that fits your budget.

Consistent use of essences can be a powerful tool in your quest to stay true to yourself and your purpose as you navigate the twisty turns of life. My monthly subscription clients attest to this.  I've come up with an affordable way for you to have an essence each month.

With three prices to choose from — $40/month, $50/month and $60/month — I hope this will remove a block that may have been keeping you from using the essences and my interpretations of them as part of your wellness regime.

Whatever form of change you are experiencing now, whether internally or externally driven, flower essences help you to listen to your wise and collaborative natural intelligence for sensible forward movement.

You choose what price works for you. 

Your initial subscription is for a 4-month commitment.