September 07, 2022

2022 Autumn Equinox Essence

By Therese Conway
2022 Autumn Equinox Essence

Revealing the Seed of Life—You!

This year's Autumn Equinox Essence is all about revealing the distinct seed you are getting ready to incubate. This fall will provide beautiful and more difficult revelations of your gifts. Still, if you remember that you are being called by life to participate in this grand, creative experiment, you will eventually find deep satisfaction.

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When I look at the seasonal essences, like this year’s Autumn Equinox Essence, I look for examples in nature to illustrate what the essence is telling us about how to bring out our human nature.

This year I see the process of revealing a seed as the showy part of the flowers fall away. It’s a time when embracing the specifics of an individual—a plant, a person—is vital element for the growth and health of the community. Satisfaction comes not just from identifying what you, as a seed, can do for your life going forward, but from how your seed contributes to the healing and well-being of life around you.

Lately, I have been looking at Frida Kahlo’s work and life. Frida’s creative life illustrates the autumn equinox essence in this way: she spent months in bed, flat on her back following a gruesome accident. Her parents installed a mirror on her canopy bed and set up an easel so she could paint. She painted what was in front of her—herself. Going forward, she painted a lot of self-portraits as a way of discovering her place in her world, and a way to move pain through the healing activity of creation. The theme of brokenness living in the surround of wholeness, and wholeness as the ever-present centre of brokenness, runs all through Frida’s work and life.

Great artists and mystics tell us that self-examination and self-revelation are doorways to remembering our home in the family of life. The autumn equinox essence emphasizes this point: You are a gift to the world. Amid all the roads before you, can you see a path that is yours to take? Can you clear away the overlays of right and wrong, good and bad, to notice your call to act in an emotionally charged situation?

This autumn seems to be calling for the clarity and conciseness that staying present to life can bring. Perhaps our “rights” in life are not as important or satisfying to us as is our ability to respond to life, to participate with the whole of life as a member of the family of life.


Different ways to take this essence:

  • Take it first thing in the morning as you welcome the flow of autumn into your life.
  • Say, “I am a gift to the world,” as you take the essence. Part of you does not believe this, so the essence will help you to know the truth—you are a gift to the world!
  • Take it when you are feeling inundated by the pain of the world and your inability to manage it or make it better. Say something like, “Help! What should I do (or not do) now?”
  • Take the essence when you are not sure the family of life would accept you as a treasured member. When you take the essence in this way, you are affirming your allegiance to wholeness rather than separation.

The last thing I’d like to say: this essence talks a lot about revelations about who you really are and what discreet thing is yours to do. Revelations can be painful or disruptive. But they will be less so if you know you are a beloved member of the family of life and that your contribution is important. Your beloved importance is the truth. Remember that.

My best wishes to you for a fall full of encouraging revelations about your wholeness and belonging.

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