Seasonal Essences / seasonal essence

  • 2023 Summer Solstice Essence

    Orient yourself to the care and protection of the family of Life and away from the beliefs that have kept you from shining and contributing as the sacred being you are.

    This is what this summer essence is all about—making a decision to free ourselves from the shackles of those beliefs we have held for so long whose effect has been to keep us separate from the family of Life and to abandon ourselves to the care of Life (not our jobs, our status, our obligations, or even our families). This is radical belonging, and the essence encourages us to empty ourselves of past preconceptions about how life works or even what is happening in the world right now.

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  • 2023 Spring Equinox UPDATE

    2023 Spring Equinox UPDATE

    At the equinox we were encouraged and supported to open our eyes after a long sojourn in the deep. Waking up is usually both joyful and painful. Seeing the truth of ourselves and our condition usually is--and, in my experience, seeing our beauty can be even more challenging than seeing our flaws.*

    And that is what this nuanced look at Spring is telling us: now is the time to focus on choosing to see yourself as a gift to the world. At the same time, can you allow Life to help you to see your gifts and your ways? 

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  • 2023 Spring Equinox Essence

    fishing boats in a cove at dawn
    Meet your new best friend for Spring. This essence says, "We are in this together. Let's look around to see where we are needed and what is here to help us." This spring may be full of challenges and twists, and this essence is here to help you make the most of all of it.
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  • Winter Solstice Update

    Winter Solstice Update
    Well, we are rounding the corner toward spring, and I wanted to share some insights I've gotten from the updated essence formula I just made. In a nutshell, this essence says, "Now is a great time to join hands with your fellow travelers on this untraveled road, and express your unique joy into the world as a gift."
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  • 2022 Winter Solstice Essence

    2022 Winter Solstice Essence
    Your most powerful approach this winter is to bury your feet in the warmth of the earth and park yourself in front of your blustery revelations. Open heart. Open eyes. Your wise self — the you who has never been damaged by your life's experiences — is competent. And the spiritual family of which you are a trusted member offers you incredible resources and tangible support.
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  • 2022 Autumn Equinox Update

    Songs of Innocence and Experience (frontispiece and introduction), (1789), William Blake

    The 2022 Autumn Equinox suggested a powerful season that helps us shed layers of conditioning preventing us from seeing our simple and beautiful selves. This essence update says, "there is a place in you where your simple and beautiful self resides. She, in her innocence, holds the key to your next steps. Sit with her for a while. You won't regret it." 

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