April 23, 2023

2023 Spring Equinox UPDATE

By Therese Conway
2023 Spring Equinox UPDATE

This quote is the gist of the Spring Essence Update. At the equinox we were encouraged and supported to open our eyes after a long sojourn in the deep. Waking up is usually both joyful and painful. Seeing the truth of ourselves and our condition usually is--and, in my experience, seeing our beauty can be even more challenging than seeing our flaws.*

And that is what this nuanced look at Spring is telling us: now is the time to focus on choosing to see yourself as a gift to the world. At the same time, can you allow Life to help you to see your gifts and your ways? This is a great time to focus on the reciprocal relationship you have with life. Reciprocity requires two equal partners and is often a tall order. Why? I think it is because we are taught to give and take, instead of being mentored in the art of giving and receiving.

Flowers can teach us how to live in a world of equal partners. Emily Dickinson knew this well when she wrote about "the interdependent splendour of the natural world" in her poem, Bloom, in 1865:​

by Emily Dickinson

Bloom — is Result — to meet a Flower
And casually glance
Would cause one scarcely to suspect
The minor Circumstance
Assisting in the Bright Affair
So intricately done
Then offered as a Butterfly
To the Meridian —
To pack the Bud — oppose the Worm —
Obtain its right of Dew —
Adjust the Heat — elude the Wind —
Escape the prowling Bee
Great Nature not to disappoint
Awaiting Her that Day —
To be a Flower, is profound
Responsibility —

I hope that this spring your sense of self rises to meet the challenges and opportunities you find. For me, flowers are our greatest teachers of the art of marrying impeccable self-esteem with complete devotion to the art of giving and receiving.

If you'd like to pick a flower card, here is a suggestion:

What will help me today to love and be myself?

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