December 16, 2022

2022 Winter Solstice Essence

By Therese Conway
2022 Winter Solstice Essence
The way through.
Is under.
Sometimes we must burrow deep.
To begin where we began.
To heal the roots.
To find the scars.
We must escape the crashing waves.
That seek our attention but pull us from ourSelf.
Sometimes we must let the depths hold us.
Before we attempt to climb the mountain.

message describes the medicine of this year's Winter Solstice Essence better than the thousand words I have been wrestling with for two weeks. When we can't seem to figure things out — what they mean, what to do with them, how to take care of ourselves and others while these things are thrashing around us — sometimes the best solution is to dive deep and pause.

This is a season of uncoverings where the revelations and the way to approach them are equal teachers. Your revelations may be about matters you have misread, misinterpreted, or missed altogether. Maybe you'll find yourself face-to-face with old hurts that feel sharper, deeper, and heavier than the originals. Maybe you will find some of your long-held beliefs and plans are no longer fitting. Maybe you will see people or situations radically different than you have in the past. Maybe you will discover new ways of considering yourself — perhaps you are lovelier, more able, and more deserving of kindness than you have considered in the past (I can guarantee that one). All will come with a certain amount of discomfort... and an urge for quick relief.

The common denominator in all these things: life is helping you to put down the conditioned road maps you cannot follow as a lively creator and collaborator. Your very smart, very practiced conditioned mind is not up to playing the role of navigator.

This year's Winter Solstice Essence says:

Your most powerful approach this winter is to bury your feet in the warmth of the earth and park yourself in front of your blustery revelations. Open heart. Open eyes. Your wise self — the you who has never been damaged by your life's experiences — is competent. And the spiritual family of which you are a trusted member offers you incredible resources and tangible support.

Don't jump to the first way out of the confusion that comes to mind. Most likely you are hearing your conditioned mind hustling you back onto the highway you have fought so hard to exit.

Instead, wait for a message to come up through you from the quiet and the deep.

Your conditioned mind will use every trick of the mind to drive you into action. But your body has other plans — it has already turned its ears and eyes in another direction.

Here is how Canyon Sound can help you make the most of your body's call to wisdom:

First, is the to take throughout the season. As always, the essence is $30 Cdn. Download the interpretation with essence descriptions here.

Second, you may want a to address the blustery revelation you are already experiencing. Usually $95, this essence is $40. I have never offered a personal essence for this price. I'm doing it now because I know how helpful it will be as a companion to the Winter Solstice Essence.

We have work to do this winter and all these essences strengthen our ability to be trustworthy actors in a fast-changing world.


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