February 07, 2023

Winter Solstice Update

By Therese Conway
Winter Solstice Update


Well, we are rounding the corner toward spring, and I wanted to share some insights I've gotten from the updated essence formula I just made. In a nutshell, this essence says, "Now is a great time to join hands with your fellow travelers on this untraveled road, and express your unique joy into the world as a gift."

Two assumptions come along with this statement. First, assume that giftedness is something all humans possess (not that all people are accessing theirs). Second, the expression of personal joy at being a member of the family of life comes in different forms: Joy includes kindness, patience, awareness, generosity, compassion, a desire to learn and contribute, and more.

I hope we are in a period where we are awakening to the notion that our lives will be more meaningful and joyful if we are serving Life instead of trying to get what we can out of Life. Belonging may be overtaking safety as a priority.

A Story about a Courier

The other day I was talking with a young man who is entering the unknown realm of marriage and fatherhood. Our conversation happened while I was in the midst of a bout of "is what I do at all helpful to me or others?"

Those of us who have crossed the threshold to marriage and parenthood can relate to his fears: "Am I up to it? That's the basic question.

We typically think in terms of resources. Will I have enough money, patience, intelligence? For me, money and intelligence are the squishy areas. Maybe for this young man, as well.

He drives a courier truck, delivering packages in the city center where he lives. Hard work, medium pay, not especially prestigious. He was worried about his ability to succeed as a father and husband in this culture where power, property, and prestige are the benchmarks by which we measure success.

As I had been mulling over this essence update all day, a response to him was easy.

I said, "Do you know how important your job can be? You have an opportunity to give the best of humanity to everyone you meet in a day--and you exchange greetings with a lot of people during the day," And I felt the truth of this deep in my heart.

This young man exudes kindness, patience, curiosity, and belonging. I know him and, also, people who have met him tell me of his effect. We talked about the difference he can make in the world just by how he greets the people he meets. Many people won't see him this way, but as long as he does, and as long as he joins with other people in his community who see him this way, he will be able to carry on.

In this time where there is so much reactivity, when fear and anxiety prompt our self-protective scripts and threaten to diminish our humanity, this courier's job is important. And so is yours.

What you do for a living is not unimportant, but how you do it is even more important. You might not be able to save the world, but you can make a difference in the living of it.'

That's the message of this Winter Essence update.

Lots of love to you,



Essences in this Combination:

* Key essence in combination

13 x Conception Vessel (13—in healing, the principle of subtraction is at play)
Yin Essence
White Clematis, Jade

Remembering joy in the body. Sometimes we forget what a pleasure it is to be in a body on this earth. Traveling up and down the front of our bodies is our central meridian. The train running on this track contains all of our plans and dreams for this life. When we are disconnected from ourselves and have trouble staying in the present, an afternoon of train watching will do us good.


7 x Allium (7—guided by a keen sense of purpose, trust your instincts to steer)
5th Chakra, Studio Set 

Release.  In any creative process there is a fine balance between sticking to our personal beliefs and remaining open to new points of view.  Too much “position” and we become stuck; too many new points of views and we lose our center.  Allium helps us to consider and actively play with all sorts of possibilities without losing our bearings or our sense of direction.


*8 x Partridgeberry (8—logic of collaboration and community engages all gifts, including yours)
5th Chakra, Market Set

Determination. On a long-distance journey, sometimes you must find your way in the dark for a while before you can rely on your vision to guide you. Partridgeberry helps to activate the sensory sites in your body that allow you to confidently follow the truth when you hear it—even if that truth is not heard by others.



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