March 18, 2023

2023 Spring Equinox Essence

By Therese Conway
fishing boats in a cove at dawn
To become whole, body and soul, we need to depart from the safety of the childhood house of beliefs into the wilderness, into the cave, with only the psychic necessities... We need to spend time as forest dwellers, just surviving. If we do survive, we find that we are no longer handmaidens to an outer authority that rules by principle rather than loving mutuality; we have reached a new cycle of maturity where we are consciously connected to our hearts, our bodies, our deepest values, and the people we love.
—from Coming Home to Myself, by Marion Woodman

What a departure this essence is from the Winter Solstice Essence! Canyon Sound Essences encouraged us travel deep into our personal cave this winter—and to stay there. All Winter long. This wasn't an act of hiding, but an opportunity to shed and to clarify. My winter seemed to follow the downward focus even when I was outwardly busy. How about you?

The Spring Equinox Essence is entirely different. I still feel a strong rootedness in the dark and deep, but this is an essence that is encouraging us to wake up! Open our eyes, choose our perspective and commit to a loving relationship with Life. Perhaps the shedding and clarifying of old ties

The quote above from Marion Woodman describes this spring well:

If we do survive, we find we are no longer handmaidens to an outer authority that rules by principle rather than loving mutuality.

This is a call to be fed by your love affair with Life instead of the prescriptions offered by our conditioned culture. Perhaps all the winter shedding and clarifying has revealed your spiritually mature selves. Do you think you have a glimpse of her? Or more?

Life this spring is calling us all to be spiritually mature. This is a tall order in uncertain times. Do this to the best of your ability and you will feel stronger and more satisfied about yourself. And I am sure—no matter your arena—courageous, a spiritually mature you is the most powerful agent for healing and forward movement you can offer your world.

As I have lived out my winter directive to the very end (I've been sick in bed for the past three weeks, now left only with the residuals and no time for editing), I decided to treat the Spring Equinox Essence as I do for my personal clients—a printout and a recording of my interpretation as I look at their essence.

Here is a link to the .

Here is a link to the of my interpretation.

Best wishes for a loving, wise, supportive Spring.


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