March 05, 2022

2022 Spring Equinox Essence

By Therese Conway
Bowl of white tulips with red background, artist Heather Haynes

When the pandemic arrived, I signed up for a class on “Myth as Memoir.” The purpose of the class was to write your story through the lens of a shared story or fairy tale. I chose the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, because I am one of seven sisters. This story has been rumbling around in me for the past two years, trying to find its way to a new conclusion.

This morning, after sitting with the Spring Equinox Essence for about a week, I woke knowing that this story, my version of it, describes the essence perfectly.

The story of the Pleiades is one of our oldest and there is a version in just about every culture. In the Greek version, the seven sisters were daughters of the Titan, Atlas, who was forced by Zeus to hold up the sky for eternity. The sisters loved their father, even though he was unable to protect them from the hunter, Orion, who pursued them relentlessly. Zeus felt pity(?) on them and transformed them first into doves, and then flung them into the sky to escape Orion, creating the Pleiades constellation. Shortly after, Orion made his way into the sky, and the chase continued.

My continuation of the story goes something like this:

Fear, and someone else's efforts, brought the sisters to the skies. Nevertheless, for millennia the sisters guided sailors and signalled the birth of light and dark on earth. This kind of sustained and careful attention always leads to transformation. It is inevitable. Over time, their sight was no longer guided by fear, but by love.

This love changed the way they saw the earth, the place they had escaped so long ago. Now, they could see the almost overwhelming beauty of their home, and they longed to return.

This descent to earth required a transformation, and this time, they needed to be the agents of transformation. Dedication to seeing the earth as a beloved, with eyes attuned to beauty instead of fear, became the catalyst for this transformation.

When they arrived on earth they noticed they were no longer gasping for breath as if they were being chased. Instead, they were breathing with life all around them. And then came Orion, right behind them, ready to take up the chase. Not willing to give up this sweet breath for anyone, the most open-eyed and fearless of the sisters swung around to face Orion and said, “Can I help you?” Orion replied, “I just want to play with all of you.”

The sisters fell about laughing at his words. Is this what he was after all along? This transformed their story... and them. They joined together to explore the home they had left behind, realizing they were entering into play that, at times, would be perilous and heartbreaking. But with eyes and hearts open, and millennia of wisdom to inform them, the sisters and their brother went off together.

And that is the opportunity in this Spring Equinox Essence—to transform yourself, to reconsider the stories that have been defining your life, to join hands with others because the gifts among us are impressive.

How to take the essence:

Look at something beautiful, particularly something in nature. Breathe with it. Welcome in the transformation of Spring. Take the essence. Do this often—particularly when you feel yourself in the grip of fear.
Read the definition here.

The Tulip Essence

This is a new essence. It acts as a catalyst to any healing or transformative process, helping you to bring in the wisdom you have accumulated (often unknowingly) over time. I love this essence so much.
Read the definition here.

Purchasing Options & Essence Printout

The Spring Equinox Essence is available for purchase here. The cost is $30. Bundle the essence with the Tulip essence for $45. Shipping to Canada is free, shipping cost to US is $15.

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