June 21, 2022

2022 Summer Solstice Essence

By Therese Conway
2022 Summer Solstice Essence

When I saw the essences in this year's Summer Solstice Essence, I thought I had made a mistake. It looked like an essence for someone convalescing from an illness or a heartbreak, not an announcement of a major Summer pattern. I put the printout away and decided to try again in the morning.

My dreams that evening illuminated the message of these essences: we are in a period of convalescence. Of course we are. I feel it in my bones and I imagine you do, too. Personally and collectively we are convalescing.

In my first dream I was being cradled in what felt like a hammock of sunlight. Pure comfort and bliss. And then a voice said, "But you know, the heat of the sun is also operating like a laser, burning away what doesn't belong. Welcome it." Purification by fire.

The message from this essence: Welcome the poles of the sun into your being. Welcome the comforting warmth of the sun after a long winter. Welcome the sun's tougher medicine—the purifying penetrations of its rays that cleanse and cauterize the wounds that keep you from being the gift you are to the world.

When you find yourself suspended in this place between blissful comfort and harsh surgery, you are in the zone of re-creation. The trick is being able to simply stay present to this weird and unknown place with, possibly, only one thought in your mind—"I am a gift to the world. What does life want from me?"

If you can ask this question, you will get both medicines—comfort and surgery—and they will burn and melt away the pieces of you that prevent you from giving yourself freely to your world. What pieces? Notions of not being good enough, not having enough, not being important enough, not knowing enough, being too visible, being too invisible, being powerless, being alone, being taken advantage of, being disrespected, not belonging, and the list feels endless.

The Comfort aspect of this essence will help you to remain open to give and to receive... because you know you are safe and you belong to the family of Life. When you feel yourself resting in a hammock of warm sunlight, that knowledge is undeniable.

Comfort and surgery–both of them–offer us opportunities to drop the false beliefs we have created in an effort stay safe. They help us to feel the invitation to co-create our worlds after the intense learning experiences we have all lived through. They help us to say yes to life more freely than before.

It all hinges on our ability to stay present in that mysterious (uncomfortable) place that the fire of the sun creates for us—the active space between comfort and surgery.

How to take the essence:

Easiest way: Welcome the summer as you take the essence.

More precise way: Say something like: "I am a gift to the world. What does life want from me?"

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