September 05, 2021

Autumn Equinox Essence: Seed Savers

By Therese Conway
Seeds and acorns wrapped around napkin with the word thank you.

I’m sure you’ve had an experience like this: you’re entering a tricky scenario—a hospital stay or a legal issue—something that has many intellectual and emotional moving parts, and a tangle of institutional rules to navigate. Your experience is either marked with surprising pockets of ease, kindnesses, and sometimes miracles, or it’s a series of bumpy, unpleasant snafus. It all seems to depend on the current that carries you into the situation.

Seasonal changes are similar to entering into these new, complex situations. Nature doesn’t have a problem adjusting, but we humans with our marvelous, powerful, and dominant brains, are often unaware of the change coming. That’s the domain of our nature brain.

Equinox and Solstice essences help us to ride the big currents that become noticeable to our nature brains at the change of seasons. If we can ride the right one, no matter what happens during the season, we will manage better. We’ll see more miracles and less frustration, more kindness and less frustration! Frustration begets more frustration, and it stifles the creative response.

This fall, as all of nature prepares to shake off the embellishments of summer and tuck in for the winter, we can do the same.

The message of this essence is simple: shake off all but the essential you. Wear that sense of who you are—the essential you—as a beautiful, conspicuous coat. Name one or two priorities in your life. And then stand open to the change in front of you, offering yourself as a gift to this new creation. You, present as a prayer to the world in front of you, will be swooped up, lovingly, by this creative current.

It seems to me that this fall is going to demand precision and clarity from you—not about life situations, but about you and what you really want. Clarity makes it easier for helpers to help you. Plus, you will be more likely to interpret unexpected happenings as an invitation to something better instead of as a frustrating wrench in your plans.

A small well-defined seed withstands turbulence better than weathered leaves. This autumn, focus on refining and sheltering the essential you. Not so much for protection, although that is important. But to preserve this seed for future growth. That’s important to all of us.

How to take the essence: Take at the beginning of the season to broadcast the essential you to your world. Then, take often to nourish the seeds of the essential you, and to ward off your mind's reflexive action to protect seeds of doubt, despair, and possessiveness.

For help finding your seeds, read the piece I wrote recently about your .

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Here’s to a rich autumn season,


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