March 20, 2021

Bouncing into Spring, 2021

By Therese Conway
Little boy in front of bouncy castle. Deciding whether or not to enter--lots of fun or too scary?

Get ready for a bouncy spring — all kinds of bouncy. Bouncing is the best fun when we are children—on beds, on trampolines, in puddles. Bouncing becomes less amusing when we’re older — bouncing from job to job, home to home, emotion to emotion, and don’t forget bounced checks and ideas.

This spring it would be helpful to rediscover the childhood joy of bouncing. When we played as children, the unknown doesn’t bother us. Being up in the air is thrilling. Looking at the pattern of a splash is fascinating. Bouncing is exhilarating and laughter inducing.

Back and forth always has a bouncy quality, whether its gentle or rough, civil or discourteous, trusting or suspicious, or kind or unhinged. That variability is going to be the challenge to all of us this Spring.

While we are gathering the significant power generated during this season (and I suspect it will be significant), I think we are going to be challenged to be grown-ups who have not forgotten our childlike acceptance (and even delight or amusement) at the ups and downs of the unknown.

This essence says that we are being invited to handle a higher charge of energy this Spring. It’s best channeled in the answer to the question that Red Yarrow poses:”What do you want? What do you really want?” Right now, for this very beginning of spring, the question to take deep within yourself is not what the world needs, but what you really want. If you ask that question from deep in your body, your answer will be one that serves your world, all of it, in ways more magical than you can imagine.

Two reasons why focusing on what we want as individuals will be foundationally helpful: first, we seriously need to learn how to be productive members of teams. We have lots of things to heal and create together. This means more playing like children with adult wisdom.

Second, we are going to notice an awful lot of stuff inside our bodies and minds that need to go. Old beliefs, old operating systems, old hurts — all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years that really must leave this year. Spring cleaning is on the agenda! And how are we going to do this if we don’t have accurate criteria with which to judge what stays and what goes? Remember: “What do I really want?”

I wish I could say taking this essence is going to make this Spring seem like a skip in the park. For some of us it might and that’s great because we’ll need your good humour and magnanimity to help us keep our eyes clear and focused on the future. If your bouncy exchanges have more reverb than you would like, my hope is this essence will you reclaim enough play and adult benevolence to keep your head on.

How to take the essence:

Spend some time thinking of what you want. Realism is not necessary. What’s necessary is something that make you deeply happy, or joyful, or calm inside. Write this down. Make a creation of it. Bring this image or feeling into your body. Then take the essence.

Take the essence every day as you remember what you really want. And be sure to take it when you are feeling out of sorts or when you feel less child-like and less adult than you’d like.

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