June 01, 2021

Summer Solstice Essence 2021

By Therese Conway

This is the interpretation for the 2021 Summer Solstice Essence:

Welcome to Summer 2021. This essence is coming early, I think, because there is a lot of “go” in the world right now, and it’s pushy. This essence paints a picture of a summer of activity characterized by an awareness of how much we don't know, and that collective action will create our future. Paired together, these are two potentially uncomfortable playmates.

The key essence in this summer’s combination, Tatarian Honeysuckle, speaks of the challenge of “go.” Notice the number of drops Tatarian Honeysuckle adds to the combination, 18: “inner self says ‘go!’ even if you don’t know where or why.” Sounds to me like a recipe for chaos or a log jam.

But it’s not.

Increasingly, we are being pushed to navigate by our bodies, our hearts, and our intuition, rather than our intellects. In times of radical transition—such as we are in now—there is no way our brains can comprehend or keep up with the demands on us to act and to move. Too much is unknown. As organs of perception and cognition, our bodies and hearts are built to take the lead.

Tatarian Honeysuckle helps us to keep our feet on the ground so we can lead with our body’s heart-based intuition. It will ground us, energize us, and open paths of wisdom we could never find with our heads.

Think of a diet of sugar and caffeine. It keeps us alert and moving for a while, but then the crash comes. Negative emotions and mental dominance are a lot like sugar and caffeine. Mental dominance, along with its emotional fuel, seem to be the staples of our collective intellect (we’ve been well trained). How far away are any of us from becoming part of an emotional mob, worried and angry about... whatever.

After thousands of years of conditioning, we have lost touch with our ability to navigate the unknown. We want to come up with a story that will explain it all to us. We can’t.

This is the summer of the Fierce Mother who knows that Love rules the world. She is calling us (through Tatarian Honeysuckle), to keep our feet planted in the ground and our hands busy creating life. And most of all, to not spend time or energy minding the mind. Let it roil away in the background if you must. But do not amplify it. The will of your soul will orient to the will of Love if it does not cede to the business of the mind.

The other two essences in this combination recommend the best navigational tools. First, your heart. As the seat of wisdom in your body, it is your most trustworthy guide. It will grab you, slow you down, sing to you, and speak to you in a hundred powerful and soothing ways. Your heart will also frustrate you as it demands all kinds of patience from you.

The heart is an organ of spiritual and emotional perception, and the gateway to the community of Life that lives in you. When faced with an obstacle in times of transition like this, the natural inclination to quickly come up with a solution, or an explanation will set you back. Staying present with your heart wide open will set you free. Presence is the only, and most powerful tool you need to unleash the power of your heart.

Second, your brain. Best use of your brain during this stressful time? Engage it in imagining a positive future. Consider the role relationships play in your vision. How do you want your life to feel? What is beautiful in your world that seems to be calling you? Who do you love? What is your fantasy image of your neighborhood, your town, your country, your world? Spend time imagining this when you are feeling pessimistic or stumped. Give your brain something substantial to chew on while your brain listens!

I have a feeling this will be a summer of decisions—head or heart? Stay present to what’s in front of you and listen to the wisdom of your heart. Then, you will be able to put your excellent mind to work looking for ways to use your knowledge and skills to create a better world.

Take the essence often, feeling gratitude as you focus on your heart.


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