February 02, 2022

Winter Solstice Update

By Therese Conway
Winter Solstice Update

It's about a month out from the Winter Solstice and today I felt you might like some news from Canyon Sound about moving through this winter with, if not ease, at least purpose and support.

What was the winter solstice essence about? Joy. The invitation was to allow joy to move you through this season.

Boy, have I been learning a lot about joy. It does not always feel joyful, for one thing! The movement of joy is wide, deep, and intense. If you have experienced any upheaval in your life lately, then joy is right with you, helping you to hang on as it moves your life along with purpose and vitality.

Why Joy? I am not exactly sure. But here is my hunch. We are trying to burst our way through the power-over paradigm we have been living under for so long. It's messy. And it naturally bring up fear and anger.

Joy and anger can feel similar, but only in their punch. Joy is life giving. Anger, an emotion that is meant as a momentary wake-up call, loses its intelligence as it gathers steam and moves forward. It creates messes. This is why it may be so important for us to reclaim the power of joy to inform us and move us now.

The intelligence of Life rides on waves of Joy. It swirls through your body, like a master networker, taking up this and delivering that. This is the joy you want to reconnect with—the joy right in your body.


I hope you will try this body meditation I made recently. I listen to it at least once a day to calm my mind and cede the creation of my life to my body and the extraordinary wisdom it has access to beyond the boundaries of my skin every second of the day.

Take me to the Meditation

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Tell me what I need to know about joy today


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