September 10, 2020

Pardon My Woo

By Therese Conway
Pardon My Woo

The other day when a friend opened with that phrase, I felt my chest burn with annoyance, and I wondered this: I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone introduce a brilliant idea with the phrase, “Now this is going to sound a little woo-woo,” or “I’m not a woo-woo person, but this happened….”

Why do we treat such messages as if they are silly when their ideas are most often not only embarrassingly right but deeply valuable? Why do we distance ourselves from woo?

When was the last time you listened to your intuition?

When was the last time you had a serendipitous answer to a question on your mind?

When was the last time you received a call from a person you had just been thinking of?

In these times especially, we discount our woo-ness at our peril. Our woo-ness belongs to our intelligence. It lives in our bodies, without the interference of our analytic minds. It has an affinity for information that comes from the world around us. It is information we cannot process with logic.

I think we hold our nose when confronted by woo for two reasons.

First, given a choice between jumping into the ocean of woo and staying on the shore of human intelligence, I would probably opt for shore. Woo without a mature personal constitution usually leads to swirling in unproductive chaos.

Second, woo has no home in a toxic, patriarchal system. Woo is the language of our feminine, yin, storytelling, resting and digesting, collaborative mentality. A little women’s intuition is fine, but woo? We fear no one will take us seriously if we are woo.

But it is critical to understand the power of woo.

The foundation of woo logic is wholeness and purpose. You are whole. You belong. You are loved. You are needed. Wholeness and purpose form the centrepiece of nature’s logic, and they carry through to the cognitive processes of our bodies. Marry your intellect to the logic of wholeness and purpose, and you discover the gift, the privilege, and the responsibility of being a human being on this earth.

When you become adept at handling your particular dialect, and when you learn to marry your woo brain with your intellect, you become free, able to use all of your tools to create a thriving, nourished, and nourishing life.

The fact—one I’ve come to accept and to embrace—is that I am woo. I teach people how to get in touch with their woo nature and to learn the rules of woo logic. I believe that learning to communicate with each other and with our world in a deep and integrated way is essential to our evolution. Indeed, I believe it is essential to our very survival on this earth.

Interested in learning more? Welcome to Canyon Sound Essences, a place to find companions and teachers in the adventure of re-learning this fundamental way of communicating with the world around you. Let’s dive in together.

Click here to start playing with your woo nature. Suggested question: How can I stay in the story of bold, feminine love when I feel the world around me has gone mad?


Lots of love to you all,


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