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  • Sibling partners: "I don't know" and Beauty

    Kids looking out the window
    What does beauty have to do with truth? An awful lot, I think. I have a feeling to really sense the Truth of something, we must reconnect it to its long lost sibling, Beauty. With all the confusion around "the truth," I've found myself living in the land of "I don't know" for quite a while. Beauty may be my ticket to a more interesting part of this land.
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  • Opening to Spring

    Opening to Spring
    Imagine that right now you are a seedling bursting out of your seed shell and making the journey up through the soil toward the sunlight above. That's exactly what is happening in you right now as the light draws you out of winter and toward spring. As spring approaches, so does a change in focus. How are you now going to turn to the sun and participate in the growth of this busy internal time? Here is some help.
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  • Invitation to The Green Place

    woman at window

    Flower essences take you by the hand and bring you back to your original, beautiful self. That has been the gift of flower essences in my life and what I try to pass on to you.

    This is why the Canyon Sound logo shows the unfolding of the first true leaves of a plant—those tiny leaves are pure power and truth.

    Despite the turbulence in today's world, I don’t think I am alone in my increased appreciation of its beauty and goodness. And appreciating beauty is a powerful action for healing and change — do not underestimate it! 


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