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  • 2023 Autumn Equinox Essence

    Children walking two-by-two with teacher, next to river in Autumn.

    After summer's fiery bloom, where life opened for us to see in explicit glory, autumn is the time to bring those fruits into our earthly bodies for digestion and composting. This is our job each autumn.

    What feels a stretch in the essence is the exhortation to expand our vision in ways that are not automatic for most of us. Here's why:

    What we bring into our bodies depends entirely on what you see. Will we see with the eyes of our conditioned minds or the eyes of our heart? That makes all the difference.

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  • NEW!! Basic Essence Subscription: $60/month for a monthly essence consultation

    NEW!! Basic Essence Subscription: $60/month for a monthly essence consultation

    I am so happy to offer a new subscription series that might be just what you are looking for. I know how beneficial regular and frequent of the essences are for my clients. And I enjoy the process, as well. And I know for some people booking frequent consultations is not in the budget.

    This $60/month subscription includes a monthly consultation with me, an essence based on our conversation, and an audio and written transcript of my interpretation of your essence. I hope the Affordable Monthly Subscription plan will remove a block that may have been keeping you from using the essences and my interpretations of them as part of your wellness regime. 

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  • Invitation to The Green Place

    woman at window

    Flower essences take you by the hand and bring you back to your original, beautiful self. That has been the gift of flower essences in my life and what I try to pass on to you.

    This is why the Canyon Sound logo shows the unfolding of the first true leaves of a plant—those tiny leaves are pure power and truth.

    Despite the turbulence in today's world, I don’t think I am alone in my increased appreciation of its beauty and goodness. And appreciating beauty is a powerful action for healing and change — do not underestimate it! 


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