April 24, 2023

NEW!! Basic Essence Subscription: $60/month for a monthly essence consultation

By Therese Conway
NEW!! Basic Essence Subscription: $60/month for a monthly essence consultation

I am so happy to offer a new subscription series that might work for you. I know how beneficial regular and frequent of the essences are for my clients. And I enjoy the process, as well. Read what my clients have to say about it here.

Currently, I offer a single essence consultation for $95 (on the low end of what most flower essence practitioners charge) and I offer an unlimited essence subscription that comes with the entire set of Canyon Sound Essences for $140/month (you get to make your essence on the spot during our session).

Those options don't work for everyone. In these times of intense and rapid changes, I wanted to come up with an affordable way for you to have an essence each month. And here it is: 

A $60/month for an essence consultation with me that includes our consultation, an essence for you to take during the month, and an audio and written transcript of my interpretation to listen to whenever you want.

I hope the Affordable Monthly Subscription plan will remove a block that may have been keeping you from using the essences and my interpretations of them as part of your wellness regime. 

Whatever form of change you are experiencing now, whether internally or externally driven, flower essences help you to listen to your wise and collaborative natural intelligence for sensible forward movement.

 I ask for a 4-month commitment so you will experience the benefit of regular flower essence use. Shipping is usually $12-$15.

Click here to start an initial 4-month subscription.
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