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  • Autumn Equinox – Video Edition

    Autumn Equinox – Video Edition
    I hope you enjoy watching the Autumn Equinox presentation I shared with a wonderful group of people in Gananoque, Ontario (where I live) on Autumn Equinox evening (the first time in ? years I have done a public event). This fall might be intense but it certainly holds the promise of strengthening your original, creative self so you can participate in life all around you.
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  • 2022 Spring Equinox Essence

    Bowl of white tulips with red background, artist Heather Haynes

    This Spring Equinox Essence is all about transformations that can happen when wisdom gained from past experiences meets the challenges we are facing now. Reconsider the stories that have been defining your life and you will transform the trajectory of your life going forward. During times of great difficulty, we can choose the way we look at things even when we have so little control over external events. This is a powerful (and lovely) essence that will help you to contribute to peace and healing in your world.

    Bundle this essence with the Tulip essence, a catalyst for healing over time, for an extra $15.

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  • Reflections on What's Behind

    Milky Way by Peter Doig, 1990

    The essences I make for people are designed to suggest the messages/truths behind our words and feelings. I have been making essences for people for just this thing for almost 30 years. But listening for the message behind the words is much harder to do on the fly while in conversation, particularly one that evokes strong emotions.

    Why do conversations seem trickier now? And what can we do about it so we can preserve our sanity?!

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  • Invitation to The Green Place

    woman at window

    Flower essences take you by the hand and bring you back to your original, beautiful self. That has been the gift of flower essences in my life and what I try to pass on to you.

    This is why the Canyon Sound logo shows the unfolding of the first true leaves of a plant—those tiny leaves are pure power and truth.

    Despite the turbulence in today's world, I don’t think I am alone in my increased appreciation of its beauty and goodness. And appreciating beauty is a powerful action for healing and change — do not underestimate it! 


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