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  • Summer Solstice 2022 Video

    Summer Solstice 2022 Video

    This summer will we begin to come together to move life forward, or will we jump from the frying pan into the fire?  The Summer Solstice Essence suggests to me that we are up to the former—if we don't weaken, as my Grandmother used to say.

    The video is mostly about the conversation between Wholeness and Rightness. These twin companions offer us medicine to overcome the fear that can lead us to act without wholeness or the mysterious process that "rightness" offers.

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  • 2022 Summer Solstice Essence

    2022 Summer Solstice Essence
    The message from this essence: Welcome the poles of the sun into your being. Welcome the comforting warmth of the sun after a long winter. Welcome the sun's tougher medicine—the purifying penetrations of its rays that cleanse and cauterize the wounds that keep you from being the gift you are to the world.
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  • 2022 Spring Equinox Essence: Video

    2022 Spring Equinox Essence: Video
    Spring is here. In this video, learn more about the seven sisters featured in the essence description and why they are models for where to put our attention. Take a closer look at the essences in the combination, with a special focus on the Tulip essence. The essence's message to us: "You are so much better than most of you act! Start believing that and you will transform yourself and your world."
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  • 2022 Spring Equinox Essence

    Bowl of white tulips with red background, artist Heather Haynes

    This Spring Equinox Essence is all about transformations that can happen when wisdom gained from past experiences meets the challenges we are facing now. Reconsider the stories that have been defining your life and you will transform the trajectory of your life going forward. During times of great difficulty, we can choose the way we look at things even when we have so little control over external events. This is a powerful (and lovely) essence that will help you to contribute to peace and healing in your world.

    Bundle this essence with the Tulip essence, a catalyst for healing over time, for an extra $15.

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  • Friday Thoughts: Ukraine and the Fierce Mother

    Friday Thoughts: Ukraine and the Fierce Mother

    As we worry and pray for the people of Ukraine, the Fierce Mother (who lives inside each one of us) reminds us: we are whole and capable. She knows that our gifts, and the wisdom we have gained from our wounds, are needed to heal the wounds of the world. There is tremendous power when many reject the notion that they are alone and powerless. Our prayers and attentive actions are influential to this situation.

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