August 27, 2021

Natural Intelligence Excels in the Fuzzy Unknown

By Therese Conway
Therese's desk

My daughter-in-law once asked me about my work. She said, "I've never really understood exactly what you do."

I rattled off something about feelings and brains and what flower essences were not. Unfortunately, that un-clarifying answer was not unusual for me. Something like what I said to her is pretty much my typical answer to that question. After twenty-plus years working with Canyon Sound Essences, I have never mastered a good answer to that question.

Soon after, I was listening to a woman eulogize her old psychology professor. She talked about one of his assignments that made a lasting impression on her. He said, "Your assignment is to take an original idea of your own... Start there and then write a paper developing it. You will know your own original idea because it will be fuzzy. If you have a clear idea, it's probably somebody else's. Start with your own fuzzy idea and respect that!"

I loved hearing those words.

Fuzziness is my business—fuzzy feelings, fuzzy ideas. They take us right to the edge of our knowing and keep us curious about what might be beyond our ability to see.

We can never play with fuzziness with our analytical brains. That brain wants answers. Our nature/body/feminine brain is built for fuzziness. It operates under the rules of growth and unfolding. It never demands to know how it's going to end.

The problem is, we live in an analytical and conditioned mind monoculture. This mind tries to get rid of our fuzzy feelings. But it can't. Fuzziness is part of our biological operating system.

Nevertheless, the analytical/conditioned mind can and does dominate. It demands definitions and answers from these fuzzy feelings and ideas. That's trouble. We come up with all sorts of "answers" that are often useless and dangerous. And we miss the opportunities those fuzzy feelings and ideas are leading us toward.

So, if my daughter-in-law were to ask me what I do right now, I would say: "In uncertain times we must draw on all the intelligence we possess to find the opportunities in the uncertainty. Our bodies know more than our minds do about navigating the unknown. And most of us have forgotten how to listen because the sensations we get from our bodies are often fuzzy. Learn to value and embrace fuzzy and life becomes less frightening and far more interesting. I help people to do that."

I hope you can spend some quality time this weekend with your fuzzy feelings and ideas!

Here's a question for you to ask the cards.

Bring up one of your fuzzy wonderings. 

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