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  • Sibling partners: "I don't know" and Beauty

    Kids looking out the window
    What does beauty have to do with truth? An awful lot, I think. I have a feeling to really sense the Truth of something, we must reconnect it to its long lost sibling, Beauty. With all the confusion around "the truth," I've found myself living in the land of "I don't know" for quite a while. Beauty may be my ticket to a more interesting part of this land.
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  • Reflections on What's Behind

    Milky Way by Peter Doig, 1990

    The essences I make for people are designed to suggest the messages/truths behind our words and feelings. I have been making essences for people for just this thing for almost 30 years. But listening for the message behind the words is much harder to do on the fly while in conversation, particularly one that evokes strong emotions.

    Why do conversations seem trickier now? And what can we do about it so we can preserve our sanity?!

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  • Winter Solstice Update

    Winter Solstice Update

    A month out from the Winter Solstice, let's revisit the big message we received from the Winter Solstice Essence: Joy. 

    As winter moves on, joy is playing a big part in moving us forward with the rest of life. Joy is wide, deep, and intense—and it doesn't always feel joyful! But it if we can hold the hand that Joy offers us, we will create good things together.

    The trick is to stay in our bodies where we are able to experience the wisdom of joy (our thinking minds aren't great at that).

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  • Friday Thoughts: Mothers & Prayers

    Breton Women in Sacred Grove
    Mothers know their children better than anyone... most of the time. We see their goodness, their purity, and the way we watch them so closely during their early years enriches both of our lives. Attention is prayer... How powerful would it be if we were to pray to those mothers and ask them to remember us—all of humanity—as the good, pure, and whole souls we are. I think this might change the world. I really do.
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  • Friday Thoughts: The Golden Thread

    Friday Thoughts: The Golden Thread

    This week I’ve been struck by the number of conversations I’ve had with people about a pivotal experience that happened to them when they were thirtyish. The questions I asked each of them were the same: After the experience, what did you learn? What questions were you left with? How is it playing out in your life now?

    Read how reconnecting with this thread is a good idea now.

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