July 18, 2021

What is natural intelligence? Ask the Cards!

By Therese Conway
Nature brain

This question—“What is natural intelligence?”—is one that I have struggled to answer to my satisfaction throughout my thirty year relationship with flower essences.

A good explanation of natural intelligence is important to me because I am convinced that our ability to reliably "think" with our nature brains is crucial to moving successfully through the transitions we go through together. Here's why.

We have two minds — two ways of cognitively engaging with our world.

One is with our analytical brain. It is a problem solver. This brain says, “I am an individual. It's up to me to figure out what I need to learn to be an acceptable human being, and how I am going to make it in this competitive world.” This mind is linear—it learns step by step, it classifies, categorizes, plans, and follows man-made rules. It is terrific and amazing—unless it thinks it's the only game in town. (It is far more susceptible to manipulation than is a properly functioning nature brain.)

Our other mind, what I have always called our “nature brain,” knows that we are part of a larger whole. It is a collaborative creator. This mind runs on relationship. This brain says: “I was born whole and perfect. I have something valuable to add to life. My success in life relies on my ability to participate in relationships with others.”

In our world, our analytical minds have overtaken our natural intelligence to the point of disdain. Sometimes I think we’ve created a new god with our collective analytical brains—a god who makes up lies about our perfect design to maintain the supremacy of the intellect. The lie is always based on some version of, “You are flawed and alone.”

These two basic ways of knowing ourselves and our world—the analytical mind and natural intelligence—are meant to work together. Our natural intelligence should lead. Our analytical minds should listen and interpret what comes through our natural intelligence.

Imagine what we could do and how we could live, if our amazing planning and building skills were in service to the intelligence in us that wants to create beauty and abundance and a life of joy on this magnificent earth? Most of us haven't scratched the surface of the collaborative possibility that true relationship brings.

This is the purpose of Canyon Sound Essences: to tune up your natural intelligence so it can take its proper place in your life.

Start here with an Ask the Cards question:

What do I need to know today about my natural intelligence?


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